Getting 403 even though Login Successful

Hello, I need help with debugging an issue.
We’re using the same Auth0 Application (an SPA) both for local development and for a deployment in an S3 bucket.
Whenever we login with a user locally, we can access the rest of the App without any problems, but on the deployed app using the same user we get a Successful Login in Auth0’s Logs, but when the user is redirected we get an Access Denied 403 error, without any other kind of error message.
I’m attaching the HAR file with the error as well as a screenshot of the error we get.

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Hi there, I am experiencing this issue exactly as described as well. I am running a Node.js/Express app on Azure App Service.

On creating my OAuth application, “Test your login” under Quick Start even indicates a successful login and response code 200, while my user also receives an email verification link, which also indicates that my user was successfully authenticated.

Yet the 403 error persists on my /callback route.