I am not able to find the proper documentation to integrate GetAccessTokenSilently,
I have pinned some of the Doubts below, if answered will be very much helpful:

  1. Can we use getAccessTokenSilently in react without any LoginwithRedirect or LoginwithPopup?
  2. If yes, do we have any configuration changes in the application settings?
  3. And even though disabling the brave protection and running in chrome regular mode I still get the Login Required Error, if I log in through Redirect or Popup the error is not shown,why?

Hi @ankita.juyal,

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I may be misinterpreting your question, but do you want to issue Access Token to unauthenticated users? For your app to be issued an Access Token, the user would have to log in. In the React SDK, you can do this through a redirect or a popup.

The Login Required Error will occur if the ID Token is expired or not present in storage. The React SDK will store tokens in memory or localstorage depending on the chacheLocation property passed to the Auth0Provider.

Thank you this answers my queries

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