getAccessTokenSilently - new token on each call?

I am using React SDK.


This is provided code from tutorial. Each time I get token, it is new (every time new iat). Is it correct behaviour? Each time I need to wait extra time (communication between authorization server and my app). I though that token is being cached in memory and I can use it until its expiration, and when it is expires, i get new using refresh token.

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Hi @alt1,

The token should be cached like you describe. You should only see a new token if it is expired of if you are using the ignoreCache option.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, this is what said in documentation too.
But for some reasons it is always new. I decode and print access_token on profile page (for testing purposes), and each time I press the Profile link in header, I get a new token.

ignoreCache not used. Can be somehow a reason the fact I am working on localhost?

It usually works fine on LH.

Have you changed the token expiration?

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