Get Twitter Email rule succeedes but retuns nothing

does anyone know why I’m seeing this?

It Works!
If you can see this page, it means that your connection works.
This is the user profile the application will receive:

whlie using the rule to get twitter’s user email address?

Or am I looking for the email in the wrong place? It is not being added to the user’s profile as well

Hey @sasha.sochka, the rules are not run when you click on the ‘Try’ button of the connection which must be why you are seeing this. Can you try to login with a sample app, so the full authentication flow is executed?

hmm, why is there the button in the Rules menu? If it doesn’t run the rules.

Ok, so where do I look for the “email” ? When I log in using Twitter , which works perfectly, it does not get added to the user profile data.

why is there the button in the Rules menu

Which ‘Try’ button is this about? The ‘Try’ button below the rule editor will run the rule, and the ‘Try’ button next to a connection will initiate a login with the connection - but none of them will do the other thing.

it does not get added to the user profile data

Our default rule does not save the incoming email in the user’s profile, but stores it temporarily so it can get added to the ID token. If you request an email claim in the scope, you should see the email in the token.

If you are not certain that Twitter is sending the email or not, you can add a console.log in the rule after it is obtained and watch the logs using the Real-time Webtask Logs extension.

Let me know how it goes.

What is the correct way to actually save the email in the profile? Can we do that through the rule as well? Maybe there is some example when we can modify the profile saved to the DB on user creation?

Ok, figured this out, thanks

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!