Get private key for my Application in Auth0


I’m trying to integrate my Auth0 Application with my API server, however I need below files to generate a pkcs12 file.
Does anyone know, where can I find these files in Auth0 page.

Hi @amarendra.rakesh,

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You can view your signing certificates by following these steps:

Hi @dan.woda
Thanks for sharing the link, however, I can’t see the steps to find the private key.
Do I need to generate private key based on the details in “Signing certificate” section.

Or is there a section in Auth0 where I can find my private key.

If you are using HS256, the private key is the client secret:

I’m using RS256 signing algorithm.
Do you know, how can I convert the client secret into a RS256 private key which looks similar to below.


The RS256 private key is not available. You should use the public key to verify your tokens. You can find your public key PEM certificate at this URL of your tenant: https://YOUR_DOMAIN/pem.

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