Get organization members with their roles

Hello team,

I am a C# developer and I saw here (Auth0 Management API v2) that I can get the organization members with their roles using HttpClient. Is there any way to do this (getting organization members with their roles) using ManagementApiClient (IOrganizationsClient or whatever).

If yes could you please provide an example?

Thank you!

Hey @md.h welcome to the community!

As this is a new feature of the Management API itself, it’s not yet supported in any Management API client yet. We are discussing adding it to some of the clients, but I’m unable to confirm when or if that will happen at the moment. While not ideal, currently you will need to get get users and then get roles.

Hi @tyf the new feature is great :+1:
I would like to see it getting implemented in the Java-Client as well. :rocket:

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Hey @j.krabs thanks for the feedback! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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