Get Magic Link for Passwordless Login for Personalized Login E-mail

How would one go about getting the magic link to create a custom e-mail for Passwordless Authentication.

Here is the use case:

I have a list of e-mails who I would like to send a custom e-mail to. I would like to include a link for this user to login to the application with (the link should take the user straight to his dashboard). I do not want to link the user to a login portal for him / her to enter credentials.

Here are a few additional constraints:

  • The e-mail has to be personalized and different per user. This is why I can’t just call /passwordless/start on the list of e-mails.
  • The login portal should still exist to allow the user to login (in the future).

The /passwordless/start endpoint which is part of the Authentication API has to send the link/code directly to the user as this is the public facing API that a login portal would use and that end-users can trigger directly.

This means that it is not possible to obtain the actual link/code yourself and then send it to the user as that would not be secure. An endpoint that could allow that would have to be a restricted endpoint available only to highly privileged applications, for example, an endpoint under the Management API.

Currently, there is no such endpoint available to directly obtain the link/code for passwordless authentication so the email customization per user cannot be easily implemented. I submitted your use case for consideration, however, this does not imply that such endpoint will ever be implemented.


I’d like to see a similar endpoint for this as email verification and password change under /api/v2/tickets. The current templates/tools for customising emails sent by auth0 are all kinds of awful for localisation, so I’d rather generate and send the emails myself.


Any updates on this?

Any updates on this?

I’m afraid there are no specific updates regarding this situation.