Send magic login link to the users


I’m a software developer and I want to ask if is possible to have a normal standard login and be able to send magic links to users from the Auth0 dashboard or API.

To be clear we have a case where our client wants to send magic links to a few users on the platform and allow them to log in only from the magic link. While for all other users the login should work normally and they have to be able to log in via Email and Password.

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I noticed that you created a support ticket for the same issue. Once the solution is available, I will post it on this topic to help other folks in our community.


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Hi @eg1 ,

To invite people into a passwordless email connection with a magic link you can make a POST /passwordless/start request each time you want to send an invitation: Authentication API Explorer.

    "scope":"openid profile",
    "response_type": "token id_token",