Get List of logged in users?

Is it possible to call the management api to get a list of the users who are currently logged in?

The goal would be able to periodically get this list so that access tokens for users can be double-checked (e.g., user hasn’t logged out, been blocked, etc.) without having to call auth0 api every time the user submits something to an api endpoint…


I’m sort of new to Auth0, but seems to me like you might be able to use the List or Search Users API to accomplish sort of what you want. I would guess you could search the last_login field for users who have logged in within a specific window of time, say the last 30 minutes or something.

Sorry, I see now that I didn’t fully grok your intended purpose. It’s late in the day and I’ve been doing some heavy coding. Sorry.

My idea would still work for someone who just wanted a “sudo” list of logged-in users, but obviously not for what you’re looking for.