Get Current Access Token (Angular, browser: safari)

I need to get current access token (NOT RENEW), where can i find it? or how can I get it?
cant find much info about that.

Hi @khawmingsheng,

You can use the getAccessTokenSilently() method to retrieve an access token. This will grab a valid token if it exists, or request a new one if the existing one is expired.

Does that answer your question?

Here the FAQ for more info:

hi, thanks for reply, However, getAccessTokenSilently() doesn’t seems to work in safari browser. I have turn on refresh token too but it also not working.

What do you mean? Are you seeing errors?

this.auth.getAccessTokenSilently({ detailedResponse: true }).subscribe(
            (res) => {
                //my code
            (err) => {

this is the code block, for chrome it works perfectly but in safari, it didnt return anything in the console.

the following is my config

        "domain": "",
        "clientId": //my clientId,
        "cacheLocation": "localstorage",
        "responseType": "token",
        "audience": "",
        "useRefreshTokens": true

I apologize for the delay.

Could you please DM me a HAR of the transaction from safari? I would like to see what is happening when you make this call.

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