Full Stack Java with React, Spring Boot, and JHipster

This tutorial shows you how to create a slick-looking, full-stack, secure application using React, Spring Boot, and JHipster.
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Hi Folks! We’re happy to help if you have any questions!

Hi, I’ve followed all the steps, replaced everything in the .auth0.env file, but when I login, I’m not redirected to auth0, it’s still using keycloak… any ideas?

I fixed it. Since I’m on windows, env variables did not set properly

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!

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Hi there,
Great post, I’m new to jhipster, this one seemed like a good one to get started.
I installed WSL and recommended artifacts to get it running.
But quickly ran into a couple of problems, browsed for fixes but was unable to find one.

  1. JHipster multi-scrollable options not working in my terminal.
    I’m using Windows Terminal, scrollable options of creating the JHipster app do not display properly.
    I was unable to select the “Bootswatch theme” and the “Additional languages”, the JHipster text based interface misbehaves when scrolling down the options.
    Is there a terminal setting that needs to be set?
    I tried using a couple of TERM options to no avail (vt100, ansi), seems there are no CLI options to script JHipster out of this.
  2. Enabling auth0 throws URISyntaxException.
    I followed the process to convert to auth0 authentication, but I kept getting a URI
    java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index for SPRING_SECURITY_OAUTH2_CLIENT_PROVIDER_OIDC_ISSUER_URI=https://dev–h28b30v.us.auth0.com
    and the app wouldn’t run.
    I was able to get it running, but wanted the tutorial to go smooth :slight_smile:
    Any help is appreciated.

Your Auth0 issuer needs to end with a /. It also looks like your dash isn’t a normal dash. Can you try changing your issuer to https://dev-h28b30v.us.auth0.com/?

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Thanks for helping on this one Matt!