Frequently Asked Questions on Forms for Actions in Early Access


This article provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Forms for Actions in Early Access.


Q: The new Forms currently support only post-login flow but not pre-registration or post-registration flow, right?
A: Right now, it only works for post-login.

Q: Are there any plans to support forms with triggers other than post-login? E.g., pre-user registration?
A: Yes! We’re working to support more parts of the pipeline.

Q: Is Forms for Actions just for web-based apps?
A: Yes, It is only for web-based apps.
NOTE: It only works with applications that use hosted login (open a browser/redirect to Universal Login) and NOT on apps using embedded login.

Q: Will it be possible to render a form from an action with a custom field of type list and use this information to feed into the content of a dropdown component?
A: Not yet; right now, dropdown/choice fields only support static values.

Q: When should we expect terraform or API support for the Forms creation and customization?
A: When this feature moves to General Availability, Terraform and API will be available.

Q: What is the pricing model for the new feature?
A: Forms for Actions is included in all tiers (including free plans) during the Early Access phase.

Q: The form designer does not include a component for adding Images or logos to the custom forms design. A consistent UI similar to the Universal Login Page, which shows the application/company logo, is needed. Is this feature coming soon?
A: Yes! The feature will soon support a block component to show a logo/image.

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