Flutter login Unauthorized error

Unauthorized login error, but register work for me,

What can i do for solving this issues

Hey there @vinoth!

I don’t mean to be funny or something but with the info you provided we cannot do anything in order to help you :slight_smile:

I don’t know or saw:

  • what tools you used?
  • what endpoints / SDKs etc
  • any logs
  • screenshots
  • etc.

Once you provide more context we can start working on that.

Am using Android Studio

PAckages: flutter_auth0: ^0.5.0

Registration Working perfectly for me but amtried login it will be return the response for UNAUTHORAISED ,

How can i handle this ?

Please help this konrad.sopala .

Hey again!

Unfortunately it’s not a tool that is developed or maintained by Auth0 but by a community user. What I would do would be to open a GitHub issue so that you can work directly with the repo maintainer on that. Make sure to share the link to the issue here for the benefit of others as well. Here’s the link to the repo: