Find error page tracking ID in log stream

Hi there,

In What is the tracking id on the error page? someone asked where the tracking ID on the error page corresponds to. I feel the question was not answered. The answer was that the tracking ID is actually something you cannot use to identify errors. That doesn’t feel right :slight_smile:

What I would expect is that a user could communicate that tracking ID to the tenant admin and he/she could do a search in the logs for that specific ID.

We have many clients running on multiple tenants and looking an error that someone screenshotted can be a tedious job.

I tried searching for the id in the search input and I’ve also tried to find it using the log url in combination with the id (e.g.<TENANT_NAME>/logs/64929f1b9bb9e893d29a) but that gave me an error: Error! Error trying to fetch this log entry.

Is there another way I can get search for logs using the tracking ID?

Thanks in advance

Good morning @Jelle,

The Tracking ID pairs with an identifier in our internal logs that we can search for, so it’s meant to be used by Auth0 Support to identify a potential issue. Sometimes, when a tracking id is shown, addition details can be shown (by expanding that section) and that can also, help pinpoint the issue.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hi @Karen,
Thank you for the reply although it does not really help me :slight_smile:.

I’m on the team that supports all development teams in my company to connect to and use Auth0 in the correct way. I want to be able to help them track and trace error messages.

As I said, we have many applications running on multiple tenants. I’m rendering a customised error page and on a PRD environment we do not want to give information like the clientId.
What that leaves me with is an error message and description and I have to visually go through the logs to see if I can find it.

I understand from your answer that it is not possible now. May I propose a feature request then?