Filtering by all users assigned to an organization

Heya folks,
we are currently facing an issue with Api Rate Limits while implementing a new decoupled user management for our legacy software ecosystem.

To give a little context as to how we got to this point:

  • Every customer of ours corresponds to an organization in Auth0.
  • Each customer has any number of users that should then be associated with that organization.
  • Specially authorized users (administrators) of these customers are allowed to use an api created by us to manage their other users.
  • Among other things, these administrators should be allowed to query a list of all users in their organization.

The Organizations endpoint (/api/v2/organizations) unfortunately does not provide all the required information of the users. First and last names are not provided here, as well as other metadata attached to the user entity.

Reloading all users “manually” based on their userId very quickly leads to a ‘rate limits exceeded’ problem for us.

What is the best approach to get ALL required information for all users in the context of an organization?

Just in case somebody else ran into the same issue. In a recent update of the Auth0 Management Api, the Users endpoint’s filter parameters have been enriched by the organization_id. In our case this was exactly what we needed :slight_smile: