Federated logout parameter not working with facebook

I first try to login to facebook, and purposely choose to reject permissions from within the app.

Auth0 gets this info back, rejects it as unauthorized since I didn’t give permission, and redirects me to my website.

Now I trigger auth0’s logout function and pass it the federated parameter. Get redirected back to my site again.

I now go into login and try to choose facebook again, however it doesn’t direct me to the facebook page to re-enter information. Instead it picks up my last login with them and automatically rejects it as unauthorized, making it so now I can never login with facebook using auth0.

Shouldn’t the federated parameter solve this?

Hi there @DaleLaPlante and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Do you have a test user and tenant that I can reference this workflow with? If so, can you please direct message me this data. I am curious that if you now open an incognito window and try to login to Facebook again if you can successfully do so. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply James.

When I try to login in an incognito window, I click facebook login and it brings me to the facebook page. When I enter my info, I’m not prompted to accept permissions and instead immediately rejected as unauthorized (same as before).

DM’d info

Would it be possible to have you snag a HAR file capture of this workflow in progress @DaleLaPlante so we can dive into this deeper? Once you’ve done so, please direct message it over to me. Thanks!

Following up on this @DaleLaPlante, I reviewed the HAR a few times and I see the unauthorized and I don’t see the prompt for permission as you mentioned.

Working with another engineer and testing this we are still receiving the expected permission prompts.

When you get a chance can we get a HAR file capture of the whole user auth flow? The login > consent > logout > login along with a username/email that we can cross reference? Thanks in advance!

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