Feature request: Post change password action & hook should receive the new password

Feature: Post change password action and hook should receive the new password.

This would be the only way to sync a password change to an external database, when you have a database connection in the “Import Users to Auth0” mode.

The purpose of that mode is probably to be used under a transition period, when migrating systems from some legacy user registry to Auth0, but it’s not uncommon for such a transition to take quite some time, due to limited dev resources. In the meantime, it must be possible to sync password changes between Auth0 and the connected external database. As it is now, that’s not possible, as far as I can see.

If the new password were to be included in the data sent into the post change password action & hook, the sync would be a piece of cake. And I see no reason to exclude it. It wouldn’t pose any extra security risk, compared to to already-present login script of the database connection.

As an alternative, a database connection in the “Import Users to Auth0” could be allowed the additional scripts that are available for database connections that are not in “Import Users to Auth0” mode, in particular the “Change Password” script.

Hi @krilbe,

Thank you for submitting this feedback request along with a detailed use case!