FB issue: Re-prompt for permission for a logged in authenticated user

The scenario is I have a bunch of existing users using a mobile app logging in via Facebook. I use refresh tokens so they do not need to login in each time they use the app. Recently I have extended the functionality of the app to include a feature that uses facebook friends.

How do I re-prompt for consent for existing logged in users with out have to log them out and call authorize with prompt=consent as this brings up the login screen.

Also the permission is optional ideally they can log in denying friend list access, but when they come to use the feature I could have a request friends list button (if the app didn’t already have access) that would bring up the facebook consent form without the user having to the login form.



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Hey there @ashermja, I apologize for the long delay in getting you a response.

We actually dive into the consent subject in our documentation I’ve shared below which states:

Once consent has been given, the user won’t see the consent dialog during subsequent logins until consent is revoked explicitly.

However if this is not performing as expected or if you are running into another error by chance. Please let me know and I would be happy to assist! Thanks!

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