Family/Given name fields in Lock widget not populating name field

We are currently using the Auth0 Classic Lock widget for user signup. When signing up via this widget the given_name and family_name fields are populated in user_metadata, but the name is not properly populated in the management dashboard (the name still appears as the username/email).

When users are created via the Management API, the user_metadata looks identical, but the name field is properly populated.

Here is an example of my signup configuration

additionalSignUpFields: [{
    name: "given_name",
    placeholder: "First name",
    name: "family_name",
    placeholder: "Last name"

and here is a sample of the user object which is created from the lock widget

"email": "",
"name": "",
"nickname": "firstname.lastname",
"user_id": "...",
"user_metadata": {
    "given_name": "firstname",
    "family_name": "lastname"

Notice also that the nickname field seems to populate as expected by dropping the This is the same behavior as a user created via the Management API

Is there any reason the Classic Lock widget would not be triggering the population of the name field?

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Hi @sam.schechter,

I was able to help troubleshoot this issue in a support ticket you submitted. I will post the solution here so other community users can see it.

To solve this you wrote a rule which checks the field, and if it is not formatted correctly, updates it as expected.

Thank you for reaching out!

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