AuthO lock, OIDC conformant & standard claims

I’m using the auth0-lock version 11.8.1, in the signup, I add these two fields given_name and family_name : by adding this config :
additionalSignUpFields: [{
name: “given_name”,
placeholder: “Enter your first name”
name: “family_name”,
placeholder: “Enter your last name”
After registration, the data of given_name and family_name is stored as user_metadata not as profile infos,
it’s possible to save them as profile infos with auth0-lock ?

Hey there @fekih.romdhane.amine, I apologize for such a long delay in response.

I understand you may have moved on from your question but I would like to help answer it just in case you are still curious or if someone else may have the same question in the future.

As directed in our documentation regarding User Profiles, it is possible to update this within the user profile through a couple different ways, such as:

Please let me know if you have any questions on this front. Thank you!

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