Failed Login while stuck in loading page


We are facing an issue during Login with both Android and IOS SDK for the universal login.

The SDK for Android is

This issue seems to be happening regardless of the OS version specifics.

Both Login and Registration seems to be working successfully and here you can see our universal login page just below:

After successful Login we get redirect back in app into the logged in state.

However, rarely it happens that after submitting information in the universal login page inside the Webview we get redirected to an unknown page (image is included below) showing that logging in is in progress with a loading spinner such as below:

Unfortunately, we are not able to use logs from SDK nor the universal login dashboard in the monitoring section because in this specific scenario we are stuck in this loading page forever and we can only proceed by closing the Webview and reopening it again. This means that we can only cancel the flow so failure does not happen in the callbacks but only we get notified that the flow is canceled.

Any help to solve this issue is appreciated,
thanks !