Facing a problem in the change password, Need All Four Character Types Mandatory

Mainly facing a problem in the password policy. I have already activated the Password Strength to excellent(Screenshot by Lightshot). However, I want special characters to also be mandatory, basically I want all four types of characters to be mandatory when the user updates their password (Screenshot by Lightshot). Problem is Auth0 in max settings requires only 3 of the 4 character types.

How do I change the Auth0 required types to all four character types?

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Hi @rdebraj2021,

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We don’t support custom password policies beyond the settings you see in the dashboard. Anything more would require a custom implementation.

For what it’s worth; NIST and OWASP guidelines suggest that increasing required character types can have negative effects on the security of passwords.

Here is some more sources that indicate that specific character types should not be required: