Facebook login fields are not being saved

While using facebook login fields as hometown, locations, birthday and all, they are not being saved in the user profile, not even with auth0 development credentials.

Right now the app only shows an error banner while trying to login with facebook![alt text][1] using Auht0 development credentials

Have in mind that the Auth0 development credentials are only meant for very simple and quick tests around authentication with the social provider; they have several limitations and anything besides a quick authentication for demo purposes should use your own application information.

I just tested a Facebook connection with my own application configured and set to request birthday, hometown and location information. With this configuration I was not able to reproduce the situation and the information requested was available in the Auth0 user profile after user authentication. In addition, the error you show is within Facebook itself and there’s not much details about the error itself so it’s difficult to troubleshoot the situation. I would try to start from scratch with a Facebook connection configured with your own application information.

Good to hear i will request the permissions and run again my tests,

Good to hear i will request the permissions and run again my tests,