Extensions fail with "Client attempting to use unregistered redirect URI" error

Problem statement

We received the below error when trying to use some extensions installed in a tenant before migrating from Node 8 to Node 12.

invalid_request: Client attempting to use unregistered redirect URI: [https://TENANT.**us8**.webtask.io/CLIENT](https://tenant.%2A%2Aus8%2A%2A.webtask.io/CLIENT)


Most extensions use the PUBLIC_WT_URL hidden secret for authorization. This secret depends on the runtime version and does not update automatically.

If you have not updated the PUBLIC_WT_URL hidden secret, you will receive the error.


To update it, please save the extension’s settings (no changes are necessary). To do so, after switching the runtime to Node 12, you need to open the extension’s settings in the extensions dashboard (gear icon), and click Save. After that, the extensions gallery will update the PUBLIC_WT_URL secret based on the selected runtime.

The below doc has the detailed steps for republishing the Authorization Extension rule, configuring Delegated Administration URLs, SSO Dashboard URLs, and updating other Extensions.

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