Expose more than the name of the role in the context event

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In an action, you can access and add roles as custom claims. This seems (according to the forum) like a popular use case for using both actions and custom claims. Problem is, the available context event contains roles, but the roles is an string array containing only the name of the roles.

As these names can change (from the Auth0 GUI), it’s not exactly ideal to use them as identifiers. The context event should expose all data on the role entity, or at least the id, so we can safely use it

If you need more background, code examples, screenshots or whatever, let me know.

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I have a SPA, and I use the roles to handle permissions in the GUI. If I where to use the role name, the app would break if someone changed the role names.

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@konrad.sopala What are the chances of this being implemented in near future?