Exporting app_metadata.authorization.groups

I am trying to export a list of users with their associated groups stored in app_metadata.authorization.groups with the users import/export extension. The export works, but that field is blank. What do I need to type in the user attribute field to get the list of groups back?

Hi @staticvars,

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I have just tested the User Import/Export extension and could successfully export my users with the app_metadata.authorization.groups.

In my tests, I created some users with the following:

  "authorization": {
    "groups": [

And exported my users with these attributes:

With that, could you please double-check that you typed app_metadata.authorization.groups as the user attribute?

Please let me know how this goes for you.


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Thanks for the response! I did have authentication instead of authorization in there. :face_with_head_bandage:

Now that I am running it with authorization, it is just going forever (been stuck on 0% for 40 minutes).

Hi @staticvars,

Thank you for your reply.

After canceling the export job, do you see any errors in the History section of the extension?

As a quick test, I recommend creating a new test database with a few users with the app_metadata.authorization.groups attribute. Then retry exporting those users (e.x 3 users), which should take moments to export.

I look forward to your update.


It does show up as “completed” in there, but the groups field is still blank in the output. Is there a limit on how many it can pull?

Hi @staticvars,

Thank you for your reply and clarification.

AFAIK, there shouldn’t be any limits on how many users you can export.

For now, could you please provide a screenshot of the fields you requested on the user import/export extension?

And have you gotten a chance to try exporting a few users to see if it works?


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