Example code for migrating tenants using Management API

We need to set up multiple environments. Auth0 advises that we set up separate tenants for each environment.

Obviously copying all the configuration from one tenant to another would be time-consuming, and greatly increase the risk of unintended inconsistencies across environments.

The Auth0 docs advise “Through the Management API v2, you can automate the migration of assets (rules, database connections, and so forth) between tenants.” However, there is no additional guidance beyond that one sentence. Can someone from the Auth0 team provide sample code for this type of automated migration?

If you need to deploy to different tenants on a regular basis, such as having a production, staging, dev tenant, you can use the source control extension to automate this, i.e. having separate git branches for each tenant.

You can also consider using the Deploy CLI.
There are example config files at https://auth0.com/docs/extensions/deploy-cli/guides/import-export-directory-structure

This Deploy CLI can also be nicely integrated into CI/CD build pipelines.

I recommend to go with either of the two options, instead of doing manual calls to the Management API.