Eventual consistency of GET /api/v2/users

I want to confirm if this endpoint will also only be eventually consistent after a user import job completes.

My use case is to get all users by connection after submitting a bulk user import job, and waiting for it to complete. Am I still not guaranteed to get all users back?

Are there any stats like if I wait, say 2 seconds after the job completes, I get a 99.999% chance of consistency?

Would a bulk export job be immediately consistent?

Another option would be to specify the user_id in the bulk import, since I don’t actually need the users returned to me. If I do that, is there a standard algorithm to to create the user_id? It looks like only 24 of the typical 32 hex characters of a UUID.

This page shows there is a location field in the job when it’s completed, but I am not seeing that in practice. I wonder if that could be used to get info about the newly created users.