Error when trying to add a user


I’m trying to add a user and I’m getting the same error via the management API and the console in the usual users/create user :
“statusCode”: 400,
“error”: “Bad Request”,
“message”: “Sandbox Error: Extensibility error”

I’m on the free plan, I’ve only got a handful of users. Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi @adrian ,

An extensibility error is usually an error from the rules, custom database scripts or hooks. Since you are getting this when creating an user, you can check if you have a pre/post user registration hook that is throwing the error.


Thanks for helping on this one Ricardo!

Thanks @ricardo.batista there was a lurking pre-user-registration Hook which was failing! Wait till I find out who wrote it…oh it was me :roll_eyes:

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We’ve all been there!