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Error when calling new method GetUsersByEmailAsync in .Net Library 4.6.0



I am using the new API call to get users by email:

var scopes = new
                    users = new
                        actions = new] { "read" }
                    users_app_metadata = new
                        actions = new] { "read" }

    var client = GetClient(scopes);
    var users = await client.Users.GetUsersByEmailAsync(email);

I get the following error: Additional properties not allowed

Query validation error: 'Additional
properties not allowed: '. at

Please let me know what I am doing wrong, are the properties referring to scopes?


My apologies. This is a mistake on my side. I did not publish a new version of the Auth0.Core Nuget package, which fixes that error.

I have now published Auth0.Core V4.0.1 which fixes that error, and also Auth0.ManagementApi V 4.6.1 which takes a dependency on that particular version.

It should be available on NuGet in a few minutes


Cool, cheers