Error "The user's main connection does not support this operation" when Sending Email Verification


The following error might be received when sending the email verification to the user:

400 : { “message”: “The user’s main connection does not support this operation”, “errorCode”: “operation_not_supported” }


The error The user’s main connection does not support this operation will happen to any connection/provider used that does not use the provider “auth0” (an auth0 stored database with username and passwords in the auth0 side).


This is by design. For Enterprise connections where the users(email/pwd) are not in Auth0 directly, the verification email endpoint will throw this error as Auth0 does not control the user and assumes it has already been verified on their side. For example, a Google user would have their account verified with Google email and would have their account created. The same happens in similar scenarios when using an Enterprise connection via OIDC or Azure.