Error! The specified new email already exists

Continuation of this issue from 3 years ago

I had a user with two accounts

an email-password account for
and a google-auth account for

I deleted the google-auth provider account, but now when I tried to change the email account from fakename@hotmmail to I get an error

Error! The specified new email already exists

Searching users for “” returns zero results

It seems after you delete a user account, auth0 still remembers the email and therefore blocks you from added the account again. So now I have to tell my customer: sorry, I can’t fix this. You can’t use our service anymore.

Hi @Maxhodges1

This doesn’t sound right at all.

If you have a google social account for you should still be able to create an email/password account for that same address. Uniqueness does not apply here.

I also tested: I had users and, and I could not change the email address of to (because that already exists) but I could change it to and then back to

Check to ensure you don’t already have a account in your email-password connection.


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Yup, I agree, it doesn’t sound right to me either, which is why I’m reporting it. :wink:

I just sent you a PM with some screenshots. I’m happy to jump on a video chat if you want to see for yourself. If I have this user submit a GDPR request, will that ensure you really delete their information? It seems you must be doing a “soft delete” or else you have an indexing issue.

Did you check the link I referenced? I’m not the first to report this. And it seems like you guys closed it unresolved back them.

I cannot … create a user with some email (that existed before, but was subsequently deleted), neither via API nor via the website. If I try, I get the message “The user already exists.”


Got your PM thanks.

I don’t think we are doing a “soft delete”. I created a user with an email, changed it to something else and then created a new user with the original email, no issues there.

Can you run an export users job (or use the extension), and search the resulting file for that email address?