Error parsing your configuration file

I have been getting this error below while importing

2024-02-05T02:45:06.036Z - error: Problem running command import
2024-02-05T02:45:06.036Z - error: Error parsing your configuration file: [./config/config.json]: Unexpected token ‘∩┐╜’, "∩┐╜∩┐╜{

I ran the a0deploy import and json config file was created using Newtonsoft Json serialize with proper formatting. Still its failing to import. I’m running this command:

a0deploy import --config_file ./config/config.json --input_file ./config

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @tib10 , thank you for sharing your setup.

I believe this string: "∩┐╜’, “∩┐╜∩┐╜” can be a lead -
shouldn’t the file content be first decoded to be imported to Auth0?

Could you please double-check the config.json in its final form?

Let me please also share a recommaned solution to leverage an environment variable for CLI credentials to augment the config.json.

Please let me know if there are any follow up questions!

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