Error in my log: Failed Cross Origin Authentication


I’m using Passwordless Authentication for phones using SMS.

I just ran into this issue. The info below is from my Logs.

Occurred: a few seconds ago at 2020-05-15 18:34:16.981 UTC

Type: Failed Cross Origin Authentication

Description: Unable to configure verification page.

  "date": "2020-05-15T18:34:16.981Z",
  "type": "fcoa",
  "description": "Unable to configure verification page.",
  "connection": null,
  "connection_id": "",
  "client_id": "0hmZKSG51foN3KWfBWrI2XcQd9pSOfyT",
  "client_name": "",
  "ip": "",
  "user_agent": "Samsung Internet 11.2.0 / Android 0.0.0",
  "details": {
    "body": {},
    "qs": {
      "client_id": "0hmZKSG51foN3KWfBWrI2XcQd9pSOfyT",
      "response_type": "id_token",
      "redirect_uri": "",
      "scope": "openid profile email",
      "audience": "https://gippea",
      "realm": "sms",
      "state": "FHa5iQGHNIilTBz5XfE61Qrwvsya-CYK",
      "nonce": "ej-AIqZp9vlyFJnSVfu7U55QkMDefNOF",
      "login_ticket": "ybncHAVpSztfSP7N331-5rLyx7l465-k",
      "auth0Client": "eyJuYW1lIjoibG9jay5qcyIsInZlcnNpb24iOiIxMS4yMy4xIiwiZW52Ijp7ImF1dGgwLmpzIjoiOS4xMy4yIn19"
    "error": {
      "message": "Unable to configure verification page.",
      "oauthError": "server_error",
      "type": "oauth-authorization"
    "session_id": "M-e2RawWl8Rq7rpv8fBvxB4W9hMdflfy"
  "hostname": "",
  "audience": "https://gippea",
  "scope": [
  "auth0_client": {
    "name": "lock.js",
    "version": "11.23.1",
    "env": {
      "auth0.js": "9.13.2"
  "log_id": "90020200515183418274000373940936509602514379151595536418",
  "_id": "90020200515183418274000373940936509602514379151595536418",
  "isMobile": true
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