Error IDX20803 in c#


I can’t to connect to Auth0.Owin.OpenIdConnectSigningKeyResolver , i use the follow link

with c# Auth0.Owin.OpenIdConnectSigningKeyResolver

I have un Message:

System.InvalidOperationException: 'IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from: '’.’

SocketException: Une tentative de connexion a échoué car le parti connecté n’a pas répondu convenablement au-delà d’une certaine durée ou une connexion établie a échoué car l’hôte de connexion n’a pas répondu

var keyResolver = new Auth0.Owin.OpenIdConnectSigningKeyResolver( ‘’);

var keyResolver = new Auth0.Owin.OpenIdConnectSigningKeyResolver( ‘’);

From the error message we have that the attempt is performed against IP address which does not seem to be associated to any of the Auth0 public cloud regions (US, EU and AU).

You should confirm that the machine from where that call is being performed is either not behind a proxy or if behind a proxy that the proxy works correctly when invoked from .NET.

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