Error connecting to custom database

I am trying to connect a custom postgresql database which is hosted on heroku to Auth0 for authentication. Upon editing the postgresql ‘Create’ action script with the required URI of the heroku database and trying to save and test the functionality I am receiving the error - “[Error] ECONNREFUSED - connect ECONNREFUSED”.

This issue appears to be similar to Custom Database Issue however I do not understand how to implement the solution which was 'changed the IP addresses.
I have a multitude of different things to get it to work including doing away with the URI and specifying the user, host, password and database inside the object when trying to create the variable that .connect() will be used on.

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Are you using a IP when trying to connect to the DB from Auth0? That is a loopback IP. It is used by a machine to connect to itself.

You should be using a publicly available IP/URL, something like ec*** or

This resource might be helpful:

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