Error changing email address of database user

One of our users changed their email address. I tried using the “Change email” menu option when viewing their username-password-database account, but received the following error: " Error! You don’t have permissions to access the resource". How would a tenant admin change a user account’s email address? Why give the admins the option to “Change email” if the admins don’t have permission to do that?

I was also looking through documentation trying to find if there is a self-service portal I could refer/redirect users to within the tenant… But, I haven’t found that, either. Figured maybe requires that the user login and change their email themselves.

Hi @Sean_McIlvenna ,

I understand you want to update the user’s email under the username-password database connection. I just tested this feature, and it works fine.

Do you see the same error when clicking on “Edit” to update the email?

Any errors in the tenant log when this error happens?

And could you go to the tenant settings and check what roles are assigned to your account? If you want to set your account as the Admin, this article explains how to edit tenant user roles. Thanks!