[Error] callback url

When I try to deploy the website (next.js) through Heroku, there is a connection refused error (“ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”). Also, sometimes I can see the error message “mismatched callback URLs”.

Also, I have no idea how to set the callback URL in the “allowed callback URLs” section. And how to set the Config Vars in Heroku.

Could you give me tips on how to set up when I deploy the website through Heroku?

Hey there @JihooniiK welcome to the community!

You’ll definitely need to add a callback url to the allow list first and foremost - You can find more info on that here.

Regarding Heroku in particular, there could many potential issues, but as in Auth0 you’ll need to set config/environment variables accordingly. I recommend checking out the following thread first for ideas:

Hope this helps!

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