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Enterprise Box SSO with Wordpress Plugin



Hi guys,

My company uses SSO for a significant number of employees (10,000+) however as it’s such a big company, it’s almost impossible to get in touch with people that know how to integrate the enterprise SSO that we have, with any internal apps we create. This creates a massive barrier to entry.

So, I’m creating an internal app on Wordpress but need enterprise security. A work-around I thought about would be to install the Wordpress Plugin and allow Enterprise Box SSO only as our company is already integrated with Box (We have an enterprise account).

However, I don’t know how to enable this. In other words, what configuration do I need to do with Auth0 to enable the enterprise Box SSO on the wordpress plugin?

Thanks guys! Really appreciate any help!


To enable Box SSO integration, you need to configure it in the Auth0 dashboard, then provide the Auth0 configuration parameters to Box. This is outlined in the following document: