Enterprise Authentication using PingFederate - Invalid thumbprint


I am facing issue with Enterprise Authentication using PingFederate.
At the moment our application is using ADFS as connection and we want to migrate it to start using PingFederate.

When I configured my application to start using the PingFederate connection I started to get unauthorized errors.

I spoke to the team that takes care of the PingFederate service and they said that everything is fine, and other applications are consuming their services without an issue.

They could notice that in SAML package the auth0 is sending is missing a parameter called “AssertionConsumerServiceURL”.

I have spent some time investigating where I could configure the “AssertionConsumerServiceURL” and I was unable to find it.

Has anyone had this issue?
It is similar to this issue - PingFederate "Invalid Thumbprint" that was closed without resolution.


Although I am getting a new error, I was able to get over this error by disabling the “Sign Request” option.