Enrich new users with property and permissions

What I want to do is to let my SPA invite other persons by sharing a link (spa.mine/join?o=ACME) for joining their organisation.
When the invitee is coming to the SPA the auth0 authentication is shown but I would like to do two things;

  • add the organisation name I’ve stored in the link for joining (the acme part)
  • give the user two permissions which are already working if I apply them in the Auth0 admin portal.

I’ve read the docs and tried hooks but that didn’t work. I don’t mind using the auth0 management API, but I don’t think its the right approach.
Please note that I can’t or want to know the invitee’s email address. The join link has to be used by everyone.
Thanks for helping me figure this out

Hi @CasperCBroeren,

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You can add params to your call and pick them up in rules. From a rule you can store them in app_metadata.

Checkout this thread on the topic:

Can you expand on this? What do you mean “already working if I apply them in the Auth0 admin portal.”? How have you have already given them to the user?

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