We are using Blazor WebAssembly to build and deploy an SPA and have opted to use the MS OIDC Authentication Libraries in Blazor.

We are having an issue around Logout and the behaviour within the Blazor SPA which makes the App itself appear logged out, but in effect the tokens are still active and the LogOut end point has not been called on Auth0.

When we compare this to MS B2C we have noticed that the OIDC Configuration MetaData from Auth0 is missing the ‘end_session_endpoint’. We know this is optional but, is there a way to include this into the OIDC meta data, so we can have the Blazor Authentication Framework do its thing with OIDC and the Logout end point does get called and our Blazor App can kill a users session fully.

Thanks for any info


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I’m interested in this topic too. I have a similar challenge using MS PowerPortal for the same reason.

Any update on this topic? I’m facing challenges with implementing because of the missing end_session_endpoint.

Hey there!

Because of how Auth0 works you probably want to call /v2/logout endpoint. Here’s more on that: