Blazor WASM Logout and .Net 7.0


In .NET 6.0 there seems to be some sort of issue between blazor WASM and Auth0 when it comes to logging out. Apparently, it should be possible to do this:

await SignOutManager.SetSignOutState();

I never got this to work reliably and had to resort to a bit of a hack:

await SignOutManager.SetSignOutState();
var authority = Config.GetSection(“Auth0”).GetSection(“Authority”).Value;
var clientid = Config.GetSection(“Auth0”).GetSection(“ClientId”).Value;
var url = Config.GetSection(“WebsiteUrl”).Value;
var signout = $“{authority}/v2/logout?client_id={clientid}&returnTo={url}authentication/logout”;

The above seems to work.

I just upgrade to .NET 7.0 and now neither of the above work and it appears to be impossible to logout.

I’m probably a bit early with .NET 7.0. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you