Enabling login screen with multiple login options

We are using the new Univ login experience and have integrated with auth0-react. SSO works, username-password works all good.

Now, we are using identifier first setting. So we only get a text box and then it figured out either SSO vs username password etc.

What would like to have

  • login page must still show username and password fields
  • sso option should be a separate form at the bottom. If users chooses that then they get into the identifier first style flow with SSO
  • some of our customers will have username-password only and some will login via SSO. We are looking to avoid that second screen where things are resolved. instead give users option to login as they wish on the very first screen.

How can we do this? We are not seeing an optoin to do this based on our exploration of the login experience settings.

Example UX: Ramp (sorry if this is not accessible to all)

Can add more details if needed.


You can develop a custom login page in your application that includes both the username-password fields and a separate SSO login button. Follow My Health UH

Thanks @Sophiekay ! We were hoping to keep the universal login page or at least something like it if possible

Are there docs or examples of how to build a custom page?

The only way right now seems to be use Classic Universal login and customize the template html

We would realy love to use New Universal login but it does not seem to have this flexibility

Can we make a feature request for this :slight_smile: