Enable Background images at Mobile view for Universal Login

Feature: Enable Background Images at mobile view for Universal Login

Description: Currently the Universal Login experience allows you to add a background image, BUT if you go into your browser and emulate a mobile view-port you will notice that the background image disappears. It is possible to use the Classic Login to add a background image at mobile, but it is incredibly cumbersome and time consuming and lacks the ease of use that the Universal Login setup has.

I submitted a support ticket (Case #02312222) and received the following response:
“I just tested setting a background image via the Auth0 dashboard, and when scaling the screen down for phone devices it appears the background won’t appear since the login widget takes up the entire screen. I copied the sample code and plugged it into the password reset template to see the behavior you mentioned. It appears that with customizing the Classic Universal Login you can resize the elements to show a portion of the background image which isn’t supported out of the box with the New Universal Login it seems as it favors filling the entire screen. It would appear the answer is that if you want a portion of the background image to appear on mobile devices then the Classic Universal Login will be the way to go.”

Use-case: Enhanced Universal Login experience for mobile users and better Developer Experience for those who want a background image at mobile without needing to override the liquid code in the Classic Login

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