Empty user data problem with Auth0 SDK PHP and Universal Login

I would like to ask for your help regarding the use of the Auth0 PHP SDK in my project. Currently, I am implementing the “Universal Login” feature by connecting to a Custom Database Connections. From the logs, it seems that I am able to successfully connect and perform a “Success Exchange”. Moreover, for each of these logs, the e-mail address used for the connection is clearly visible.

On the other hand, when I perform an “exchange” in PHP, it works but the method getUser() : the user data are systematically empty. However, when I test the Universal Login from the Auth0 dashboard, I receive a complete JSON with the user’s information. I can’t figure out why the result differs in my PHP implementation.

Specifically, it’s the “/userinfo” API call that returns me a 200 code, but with an empty array.

Would you have any suggestions or recommendations to help me solve this situation? I thank you in advance for your advice and your kindness

Hey there!

It’s a better place for this type of question to ask it in a form of a GitHub issue in the PHP SDK repo here and discuss it directly with the repo maintainers:

Once you have a link to the issue you can share it here so we can ping them. Thank you!