Embedded registration with universal MFA set up, without needing to log in

We (me and my colleagues) are trying to figure out something about setting up 2-FA after registration, but we can’t seem to figure it out.

We have an embedded registration form in Vue.js where the user can sign up for an account after being invited to our platform. We do want to use the universal pages of Auth0 as much as possible. But we’ve chosen to use an embedded registration form, because the user can only register on invitation, plus we do have a lot extra data which we need from the user (more than the 10 fields which we can use in Auth0). After the user fills in its detail we create an account via both our API/database and Auth0. After this is done we want the user to set up 2-FA, preferable in a universal page of Auth0 which is styled in our own design. We redirect the user to the Auth0 flow, but then the user first needs to log in. For our flow it feels a bit weird to first register (where you fill in your email and password) and then immediately need to log back in again after clicking the register button to set up 2-FA. We couldn’t find anything in the documentation about this, but perhaps we totally missed it. We do use a custom styled 2-FA page, that might be important to know for the solution.