Email_verified remains True between different invitations to different organizations

After inviting a user to my Organization A, and have a successful login for that user, I want to delete the user and remove it from Organization A.
This can be successfully done with the organizations endpoint with management API.

Then, I want to invite the same user(with same email) again to another organization - Organization B.

The email_verified remains True. How can I distinguish a user that being invited to couple of organizations and verified his email

**i’m using Google connection to authenticate my users


  • after some thinking, maybe when removing the user from Organization A, I need to update the email_verified to False for that user?, it can cause some problems if the user already on some other Organizations with same email and somehow the email verification is False, cause in the SPA I will show him the email verification flow although he already accepted the invitation.


Well i’ve managed to solve it by using the /organizations/{id}/invitations
thats how I know if someone clicked the email approve link or not!

hope it helps someone

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