Email verified/Forgotten password widgets customization

HI guys i have a two questions:

I customized widget and on all of my screens confirm button has red color (like below):

Why on confirm email page color is not applied?:

also, when i verify my email the widget has no button:

like there is in customization preview?

Hi @k.kusy ,

  1. This button “resend email” is classed as a secondary button. At the moment its only possible to change the secondary_button_border and secondary_button_label. The other buttons are classed as Primary so are using the red primary color you have configured.

  2. On the Email Verfied prompt, the button is likely not showing because there is not a default login route configured in your tenant/application, please take a look at the doc linked to set this up and test again.

Hope this info helps, thanks!

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Thanks for helping on this one Nathan!

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