Email template Base64 encode in liquid syntax


Base64 Decode & Encode Filters by dinsley · Pull Request #1450 · Shopify/liquid · GitHub shows that the liquid syntax now support
{{ 'some data' | base64_encode }}

But it does not work in auth0 email templates. Do you know what version is used by Auth0?

Some background on this requirement:
We want to add segment pixel tracking in our emails. Tracking Pixel API | Segment Documentation . For that we need to send a base64 of some user metadata.


Hi @npatel,

I reached out to the team on this and will update here when I have a response.

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Hi again.

We are using a version of liquidJS, which does not yet support base64_encode, as far as I can tell.

Ok. Will try to find an alternative to know when an email was opened.

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